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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
Who owns Ben Ficklin Cemetery?

The cemetery is owned by Metcalfe-Spence Cemetery Historical Preservation Foundation, a non-profit corporation. For more info on The MSCHPF, click here.

Who are Metcalfe and Spence?

Charles Metcalfe and his sister, Fannie Spence founded the cemetery in 1882 as a resting place for their mother, younger sister and uncle who had all perished in the August 24, 1882 flood.

Why is it called Ben Ficklin Cemetery?

The cemetery is called Ben Ficklin Cemetery because it served the town of Ben Ficklin, the one-­time county seat of Tom Green County. Click Here ›

Does the cemetery still allow burials?

No. The cemetery is a historical preservation foundation and does not operate as a cemetery.

Can I visit the cemetery?

Yes. The cemetery is open to the public from dawn to dusk.

Are there records of who is buried in the cemetery?

Yes. Though a complete list of interments does not exist, a compilation of known burials is included in this website. Click Here ›

Who planted the irises?

The irises were a project of the Tom Green County Historical Commission circa 1990. Mary Triplett Foster headed the project. Mary and a group of volunteers planted 100 sacks of iris rhizomes. It takes several years for irises to mature and flower. The fruit of Mary and other volunteers labor can be seen in early spring each year, some years being more dramatic, depending on the rain.