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Metcalfe-Spence Cemetery

Historical Preservation Foundation


The Metcalfe-Spence Cemetery Historical Preservation Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation formed in 2019. In 2020 descendants of the Metcalfe and Spence families donated the Metcalfe-Spence Family Cemetery to the Foundation. 

In 2019, the Foundation received a gift from the Annie Tankersly Memorial Endowment. That Endowment was established by Annie’s great-great grandson, Walter D Noelke. In 1864, Annie was one of the first Anglo settlers in the area now known as Tom Green County.   

With funding from the Annie Tankersly Endowment and other contributions, the Foundation is responsible for capital improvements and perpetual maintenance on the cemetery grounds located near the intersection of US Highway 87 South and Loop 306. Additionally, the Foundation is responsible for the contents and maintenance of this website. 

The primary purpose of the Foundation is to preserve, enhance, and maintain the historic cemetery grounds, also known as the Ben Ficklin Cemetery in San Angelo, Texas, and to provide education opportunities for the general public and public awareness activities. 

Members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors are non-compensated and serve on a voluntary basis. The Foundation has no employees. 

Current Board Members 

Margie Kiser (Metcalfe-Spence family descendant) 

Robert Simms (Metcalfe-Spence family descendant) 

William Caskey 

Ray Harper 

Steve Price 


Volunteer Contributors

Matt Lewis

Brianne Killam

Jay Boyd

Brian May

Roger Albert

Caleb Kattner

Tina Delong

Brad Jones

Joe Fields

Raymond Meza




Founding Board of Directors from left to right are Steve Price, Robert Simms, Ray Harper, Margie Kiser, William Caskey and Golda Foster McMahon.

Tax deductible contributions or questions for the Foundation can be directed to:

Metcalfe-Spence Cemetery

221 South Irving Street

San Angelo, Texas 76903-6421


[email protected]